February 2, 2011

Le Veneziane Pasta

Miracle of miracles, I have found the best gluten free pasta, possibly on the entire planet. I have tried more types than I can remember, and while Tinkyada and Gillian's make a good product, the Italians have swooped in and succeeded brilliantly, as expected, in providing a fantastic pasta. Le Veneziane pasta is made out of corn flour, cooks wonderfully (without that weird gluten-free milk water that you have to rinse off of the pasta), comes in a variety of classic Italian pasta types, looks, feels, and TASTES LIKE NORMAL PASTA! My verdict on the top three gluten-free pastas as of now is as follows:

Numbah one: Le Veneziane
Two: Gillian's
And three: Tinkyada

Buy it on Amazon here and go eat a huge bowl of pasta! Try it with Pesto or Alfredo sauce. (Above it is shown with my family's home-smushed tomato sauce....I think that recipe will have to remain a secret mainly because you have to be partially insane to actually do it).

:) The Celiac Seal


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