The List: NYC Gluten-Free Restaurants

New York City is the best place a Celiac patient could possibly be. The following is a list of restaurants that I have frequented and are quite near and dear to me. They either have full gluten-free menus or are dedicated gluten-free facilities. When you are searching for GF resutaurants on Menupages, Yelp, etc, you will find that a lot of restaurants advertise themselves as gluten-free when in fact their gluten-free options are the salads. Although working around the menu of any NYC restaurant is usually quite feasible, at the following places you don't have to!  I have provided reviews for some of these restaurants. More reviews are to come, as are additions to this list:

Babycakes Bakery
This Lower East Side bakery cuts out a lot more than the gluten, resulting in tasty treats that are extremely healthy.

Candle 79
This is a delicious Upper East Side vegan restaurant that has plenty of GF options and substitutes. I had the mushroom risotto made with cashew cream, which was absolutely delish!

Everybody Eats
This Brooklyn bakery delivers gluten-free goodness right to your doorstep!

G-Free NYC
This Upper West Side mini grocery is truly NYC's one-stop shop for GF products. It's a Celiac's dream pantry, carrying products from Le Veneziane pasta to Tulu's fresh baked goods.

John's of 12th Street
DELICIOUS gluten-free pasta in the East Village. They are a bit secretive about their gluten-free selection, but it does exist: ask them!

Mike's Bistro
I went here with my Kosher friend - a restaurant that allows a Kosher gal and a Celiac Seal to happily SHARE a pizza!? That's Mike's Bistro! Yummy kosher pizzas that have a GF crust option. There are a few locations on the Upper West Side.

An excellent Gramcery spot to stop by for lunch. Thick-crusted gluten-free pizza, delicious gluten-free pasta, and an entire array of gluten-free desserts.

This Midtown West spot is well-known for its Socca, a naturally gluten-free chickpea pancake that is DElicious! In addition they have a full gluten-free menu including a variety of pastas.

Classic Lower East Side gluten-free Italian food in a fabulously trendy spot.

My favorite place to order GF pizza from since I moved to the Upper West Side. They offer an array of GF pizzas and pastas and deliver through Seamless Web.

Peter's Restaurant
It was at Peter's that I first had a chocolate chip pancake after I was diagnosed with Celiac - what a joy. This diner-like restaurant has an array of gluten-free options.

Pie By the Pound
Just south of Union Square, Pie By the Pound is my absolute favorite for GF pizza and beer. I love the snow white pie. The options are endless and if the owner likes you he may shoot you a free GF beer or cider :)

Pinisi Bakery
This cute little bakery in the East Village has several gluten-free options each day - the last time I stopped in they had GF red velvet cupcakes, lavender cupcakes, and brownies.

The inspiration for this blog. A classic gluten-free hot spot serving risotto (duh), pasta, pizza, paninis, desserts, and their signature breadsticks in the West Village.

Macaroni and cheese will just never get old! S'MAC (Sarita's Macaroni and Cheese) in the East Village allows you to customize your mac and cheese. Along with the various selections of cheeses and mix-ins, there is a gluten-free pasta option.

Trattoria Sambuca
Ravioli - you thought you would never eat them again. Wrong! The ravioli at Sambuca are a favorite of gluten-free diners at this classy Upper West Side restaurant.

Tu-Lu's Bakery
Get me a cupcake from Tu-Lu's and a bouquet of tulips and I just might fall in love with you. This small East Village bakery is a haven for the Celiac patients who want everything but the gluten (bring on the butter, sugar, chocolate, and general junk that is meant to be in a cupcake!).

Viva Herbal Pizza
A great East Village spot for the health conscious - a lot of vegan and gluten-free options, meaning they remove a lot more than the gluten.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the above listings or would like personal recommendations! Happy eating!