About The Celiac Seal

Welcome to the Celiac Seal!

As a celiac patient, I have frequented the West Village's Risotteria, famous for its delicious gluten-free Italian fare. They adorn their pizzas with flags that have a picture of a seal and say "The Celiac Seal of Approval." Ever since I first saw one of those flags, I have fondly thought of the seal as the celiac mascot - which brings me to my blog, The Celiac Seal. 
When I was first diagnosed with celiac disease (after growing up on an Italian/Irish diet that consisted of pasta, pasta, and more pasta), blogs like this were my saving grace. I hope my discoveries and creations will bring you lots of joy - for me there is something so amazingly uplifting about gluten-free foods that taste gluten-full (or better!). Happy eating!


PS: Please follow me so I know I am not writing this for nothin'!