July 21, 2011

G-Free NYC

HELLO! Obviously I have been a bit MIA. I've been busy recovering from my shoulder surgery, dancing and singing all over the place and being a college graduate. After a trip to a magical Mecca of gluten-free goodness this afternoon, I felt like I just had to share.
G-Free NYC, on the Upper West Side (85th between Columbus and Central Park West), is pure heaven. They have gathered the best of the best GF products and put them in one place - my favorite Le Veneziane pasta, Tulu's baked goods, Gluten Free Pantry baking mixes, IT'S ALL THERE under one little roof. As I write this I'm eating a perfectly delicious Tulu's cupcake that I picked up from G-Free's refrigerated section (I'm lying a little, the cupcake was finished a few lines ago, didn't even make it this far).
More posts to come! I have made some discoveries in the past few months!

The Celiac Seal

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