November 14, 2010

John's of 12th Street

This was a surprise discovery! Those are the BEST! I went here for my wonderful friend Jenna's birthday last night. I checked out the menu online and expected to be eating a salad - this place is a good old fashioned New York Italian restaurant, meaning there is a LOT of gluten involved. But, when we got there Jenna told me she read online that they had gluten-free pasta, and although it wasn't advertised anywhere (except for on the very bottom of the vegan menu where it says "gluten-free options available upon request"), they did in fact have it. Of course I was jumping up and down. I had a delicious penne carbonara and was in heaven. Thank you John's of 12th Street for your unsuspected providing of gluten-free goodness. This secret spot is on 12th street between 1st and 2nd ave, just off of 2nd. Right near my house, perfection.
:) The Celiac Seal


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